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Unofficial Roytam1 Browser Installer

What is it?

The Unoffical Roytam1 Browser installer is a project by i430VX to create a universal installation and upgrade system for MSFN user Roytam1's firefox-derived XP & Vista-oriented browser builds. Roytam1 (referred to as "RT1") has either furthered development of or restored XP and Vista compatibility to a great many browsers. You can check out his work Here.

What systems and browsers are supported?

System Requirements for the installer are: Pentium MMX or later, Windows 2000 with KernelEx or later. CPU (and RAM) requirements vary by each browser. Please see the table below for the exact details for the browsers currently supported by the installer, and their particular requirements. keep in mind that Roytam1 did not make the installer, so no matter what your system is, its not HIS problem if it doesn't work. You should post in one of my project discussion threads instead for installer-related issues, of course.

Browser OS/CPU Compatibility Table:

Browser Supported OS/CPU Installer supported?
New Moon 28 2000ex and up, SSE2 Yes, Full
New Moon 27 2000ex and up, MMX Yes, Partial
New Moon 26.5 2000 SP0 and later, ??? Not at this time
Serpent 52 2000ex and up, MMX+CMOV Yes, Full
K-Meleon Goanna 2000Ex and up, MMX Yes, Full
BOC - Borealis/MailNews 2000ex and up, SSE2 Yes, Full
IceApe Unknown Not at this time

Please note:While my installer officially supports 2000, only XP and Vista (and perhaps later) are officially supported on the browser side of things. Usually RT1 and surrounding communities give best-effort support to 2000 Extended kernel users. Do NOT interpret this as a guarantee.

Help! It's not working! Please help!

First, read the FAQ (coming soon) FULLY, to make sure your problem isn't detailed already with a solution.
Should that not prove useful (or in the current case, if it does not exist), feel free to post on one of the relevant forum threads:
MSFN Thread

Enough words! Let me Download!

Here you go. (~2.2MB)